Monday, February 4

doughnut, anyone?

greeting earthlings!!!

welcome to i felt love; the place for felt creatures like you.ehehe.kidding.
This blog is a compilation of my artworks, dedicated for people out there, who share the obsession of cute dolls & crafty thingy.
i've been sewing and making crafts fo years, but none of it has been documented or photograph. (sigh~~).and most of the dolls goes to private possession of my close frens (hey guys, u still keep them do u?). everyday i would spent hours drooling over the design blogs (my favs are printpattern, decor8, heather baileys n so much much more u'll feel bloated with madness and fondness over their stuff).so i was thinking, why dont i make my own one?
well, im practically new to blogging ( i dont write diaries, does dat help to explain?), but i think blogs are the easiest and most practical tool to share things over the net,right? so, taadaaa! make sure u bookmark dis page for future viewing.ehee. i'll keep writing, & do keep reading!
* featured in the left picture is the love candied doughnut, made with brown felt and embroidery toppings.dig in!


Aneesah said...

Helloooooo and welcome to the world of blogging! ^_^ Hehe, it's always good to meet other crafty people, especially fellow Malaysians. :D (I believe we are a rare kind. =\ Or maybe we've been in hiding till we discovered the WWW.) I totally understand the eye-candyness of design blogs, seriously boleh meletup with happiness/jealousy/envy/inspiration. :) Too bad I don't have much time to spend surfing anymore... =\

Anyway, the donut and puppets look suuuuuper cute! x) Make more tau!

aqmal said...

maybe u can surf while u dreams at night...hmmm (pkir cemane care jap).
thanx for visiting n ur support!
do come again!