Thursday, July 16

red tedd

knape title nak begitu obvious. hihi. dis little guy's been sitting inside the sewing box for i dont know how long, legless. susah rupanya nk buat teddy bear tanpa template. haih. finally u got them. run along, then. run run. oh, sorry, you are intended to sit upright je lah :l

Wednesday, July 15

winter revisited

skejap takda...
skejap ada..!

inside the shrine

nah ambikla 4000 pingat ni i bagi

war mementos. it reads :


my dear little girlie (straining eyes) ,

what a big girlie you must be getting now. i hope you always try to be a very good girlie & love dear mother very much. father wants you to give mother a big big love & lots of kisses for him. i am sure my girlie will. father is sending you this little dollie to let you know how much he loves his little girlie which he has not seen for such a long while. (straining eyes) dearie that god will bring me back to you all to love you & look after you, before long. with lots & lots of love & kisses from your ever loving father.
girlie wurlie twurlie. i wonder if he ever got back from that war to see his family. sobs.

goosie goosie gander, whither shall I wander?
upstairs and downstairs, and in my lady's chamber,
there I met an old man, who would not say his prayers,
i took him by the left leg, and threw him down the stairs.
when i was little, mum used to sing me this in malay.
angsa angsa mana, jalan sini sana,
turun naik tangga, dibawah istana,
jumpa seorang tua, yang tak mau sembahyang,
saya tangkap kakinya, campakkan dia melayang.
teenie tiny berry


yellow clover flowers


lama sangat ke i tak update blog, yong? baru sebulan 20 hari (- -_)"
musim sejuk ni mane sesuai utk wanita asia berkulit kuning langsat yang suka bercanda di pasiran pantai dibawah sinaran uv. even getting out from the quilt seems like a torturous task (super exaggerating).
till then, toodles doodles wooodles!