Wednesday, February 20


oh oh oh reyyo sisters!
diorang nih konon2 nk lawan dreamgirls, tapi tak bejaya sebab gelap sgt.khikhikhik.
3 felt oreo cookies, wif 3 different fillings; vanila, strawberry, and peanut butter (yuck).
p/s : i dont take the cream filling anyway. just love the yummy-very-chocolatey-black-menghitamkan ever!

Tuesday, February 19

fried to golden perfection?

hello guys, greetings.hav u had ur lunch? im having sandwich today. really dnt know what to eat.
so i just went downstairs n grab a sandwich at subway. spicy italian.honey oat bread, pepperoni n salami, lettuce, bell peppers, cucumber, cheese n some sauce n mayo. no olives plz.
ok ok enough wif d sandwich story, im bringing you guys the karipap story!
ehehehe. karipap a.k.a curry puff, a traditional delicacy from italy. nah, im just bluffing.
i think most of you do lovvve karipap.especially hot ones.choose any filling you like; sardines, meat, chicken, potatoes, and some even like egg currypuffs. (i wonder how they taste!)
my favourite currypuff is those made by my youngest auntie.meat currypuffs.wif pieces of meat between the spicy-curry-flavoured potato fillings.and the crust.ummmm.yummy.crispy yet soft inside.theres also a makcik at my neighbourhood selling good currypuffs.3 pieces for huh? no wonder everybody loves them.
if you are one of the currypuff lover, i hope you like these currypuff plushies too! they are made from shades of brown felt, hand stiched, stuffed with polyester fillings (i wish i could put real potatoes inside). and d most fun part is, even the frills are stuffed! ehehe. gives you a more realistic feeling, rite?
there are 4 colours to choose from, i mean, 4 currypuffs to choose from; karipap mentah, separuh masak, terlebih masak & karipap yg tak dapat diselamatkan lagi (hangus dah).ehehehehehe.enjoy!

Wednesday, February 13

dong dong cheng - the (f)happy tree frens

hye everyone.its been a long year is here again.n i had a good rest back in hometown for about, err, lemme count,..wednesday, thursday, friday, saturday, sunday, monday, and extra 1 day yesterday.hehe.that makes it a week! wonder it is so so hard to get out from d bed was ur holiday?
well, here i am, back again in kl today.sighh~~
this new year also comes wif new creatures!
featured on top is 10 little creatures about thumbsize (giant's thumb ehehe) i made a few days back.
there's mr wabbit, the fiery moster (which supposed to be a fish!),mr moose, mr moo, chicky, mimi d monyet, wooly d sheep, jee d girrafe, kat, and birdieblue!
all dolls r made of colourful felt fabric, hand sewn with embroidery detailings.
d photoshoot was made in tasik cyberjaya, n thanx fadzli for d camera (i have to get one a.s.a.p ehehe).it was a lovly photoshoot + picnic wif my darling (mmwahh).


Monday, February 4

doughnut, anyone?

greeting earthlings!!!

welcome to i felt love; the place for felt creatures like you.ehehe.kidding.
This blog is a compilation of my artworks, dedicated for people out there, who share the obsession of cute dolls & crafty thingy.
i've been sewing and making crafts fo years, but none of it has been documented or photograph. (sigh~~).and most of the dolls goes to private possession of my close frens (hey guys, u still keep them do u?). everyday i would spent hours drooling over the design blogs (my favs are printpattern, decor8, heather baileys n so much much more u'll feel bloated with madness and fondness over their stuff).so i was thinking, why dont i make my own one?
well, im practically new to blogging ( i dont write diaries, does dat help to explain?), but i think blogs are the easiest and most practical tool to share things over the net,right? so, taadaaa! make sure u bookmark dis page for future viewing.ehee. i'll keep writing, & do keep reading!
* featured in the left picture is the love candied doughnut, made with brown felt and embroidery toppings.dig in!