Friday, May 2

i felt love @ The Art for Grabs

hello frens!

it seems ages since my last post. its been very busy this few months (short sleep, tiring weekends, boring office days and fun fun fun we had preparing for the wedding.yeay!).
so we've been busy making crystal flowers, cutting and tying ribbons of colourful shades for the gifts and bunga telur.
but anyway, this weekend im joining the Art for Grabs bazaar at the central market. ill be sharing a booth with my frens Yong Fadzli and Shahir who are selling batik stuff.
so, do come along with a fren or two or three or just bring all your family members along yah.
i'll be selling the super cute felt dolls; i have 3 new character added ; le frog, pingu and mr mice. 50 dolls nicely packed to be brought home for yourself our your lovely girlfren(s) and sisters! ehehehe.

so, dont forget our date ya?
saturday till sunday 3rd & 4th May, 12pm-6pm at the annexe central market kuala lumpur.

see you guys there!


Aneesah said...

Aww, bagilah I diskaun k. XD You owe me for pointing out the source of felt~~ =P

Heehee kidding. Or better yet, gimme one free pingu. x) Haha.

(Still kidding. C= )

Wonderful little plushies, I don't think I can make it there, but all the best, yeah! ^_^ Have fun!

zati said...

mencis ah. kemal dh maju setapak.. menciiiiiiiiiiiiiii... aku tak pat meset.. buset tol.
oldebes. bukan nak tinggalkan sket aku seekor due...

macihhh. saye nak akak2 oreo... koserrr


Ciyou said...

i love felt too, but felt are expensive in malaysia

aqmal said...


yeap i had so so much fun.ehee :D.
a pingu for u? boleh saja.mari kita trade barangan, mau? hihihihihi.

zati hazira ismail,

oreo kukies tuh telah habis dijual pd hari sabtu lagi. people got excited when i told them about d filling.hihihi.
okaylah nanti aku buatkan kau sa-bijik utk kau yer.

alhmdllh dpt maju ke stapak nih pun sbb sokongan padu daripada kawan2 dan rakan2 dan peminat.hikhik.thank you guys, for ur loving support n concern n advice. mmmwahhh!

aqmal said...

hi ciyou,

yes felt are a bit expensive here in malaysia. and have limited colours too.but maybe we can outsource d material smwhere online, eh?

p/s : cute stuff u have in ur blog!

muzamel said...

hey there,

i bought some pieces of your goods at the art for grabs.

i wanna ask if u interested to participate and sell your goods at the muzium negara during the international museum day / UiTM's 68th Convocation. ( both will be held in the middle of may 2008 ).

en. muzamel.
Faculty of Art & Design UiTM

p/s need your reply ASAP.

aqmal said...

hello encik muzamel,

sy sudah reply di talian yg diberikan.
did u get my msg?

nurtilawati zakaria said...

huhuhhu...saye ta dpt pun msg kamu, kalau ta da dtg da.. tapi takle datang pun yang cos yana tunang 4 may hari tu.. tapi lengkali roger lagi sbb i luv u stuff! ngee~ lagi satu saye mau sgt dtg wed kamu, tapi mcm ade plan dgn hubby, either 7 & 8 june atau 14 & 15 june... so kalau ta bertindih, we will come kay...congrats!!!!

flokoh said...

Hi aqmal, i am interested in your little animal friends handphone string. just wondering how much can i buy it for. i have a boutique and i am interested in selling them. Can you give me a costing? Thanks

yong said...

saya ada yang rabbit punye !